Thursday, October 16, 2008

A decision and why my husband rocks the Casbah

So I'm definitely going to buy myself a new computer. Specifically, THIS ONE:My current computer is on its last legs, or more like the last toenail of the last pinky toe. The bottom left corner has cracked into a painful weapon and I'm missing three keyboard keys: 7, F8 and the dash key. Because of the way my Fujistsu is made, I can't just replace the keys, I'd need a whole new keyboard. But the worst thing about my current laptop is that it's not even really a laptop. The battery lost its ability to hold a charge well over a year ago and I have to keep the cord plugged in or it immediately dies. The cord is one of those universal adapter kinds and is so worn down that I often have to hold it in JUST the right position in order for my computer to remain powered. So I'm going to just "donate" this computer to education by installing a bunch of math and reading games on it and letting my children see to its immediate and timely death.

And why, you may be asking, is my husband so awesome? Because he suggested that even though the new laptop will run me $1005 (after a discount from an AWESOME friend), I will still have $650 left over from the bonus to spend how I see fit. Basically, his argument is that I technically NEED a new computer and if my computer were to break tomorrow (which is obviously possible), the new computer would not be considered a "bonus" item. It would be a necessity. Dave got a new laptop earlier this year and he spent $500 on it. Because I would need a slightly more equipped machine than his (slightly better graphics card for photo/video stuff), he said basically I have a $650 computer allowance and only the rest of the cost of the Macbook will come out of my bonus.

Which means I STILL get to spend $650 on anything I want. The even CRAZIER thing is that Dave is against me getting a housekeeper. It makes him feel guilty or something both because he feels bad asking a stranger to clean up our mess and also because he feels like h'd rather just help me more than he does. Also? I think he's a wee bit worried that after a few months, it would become an expectation instead of a "bonus" type item. In the end, he's offered to help me out by cleaning floors and bathrooms and generally being awesome. We'll see how it goes. (And by "see how it goes" I mean I'll be reserving at least $300 for future housekeeping needs).

So Rhiannon? What's your schedule like?


Carrisa said...

Yay! This is like the best case scenario. It's too bad you are having that party on the 25th because that is the day that me, Rhi, Isabel, and DeAnn (and maybe more bloggers, not sure yet) will all be getting together for ladies lunch and shopping! It would be so rad to have you there as well. But if you just want Rhi all to yourself (which I can understand) I'm sure she will be happy to schedule some personal shopping time for you.

Don't you just love how I'm speaking on her behalf? I can do that though, cuz she's my other half.

Don't tell my husband I said that.

Rhiannon said...


But, we're doing lunch and shopping on the 25th, if you're available. Also, I am available the next weekend. Or after work (not next week!) sometimes works, too!

LizP said...

Cool, your husband Rocks!

If you drive over the bridge (I assume you have to drive over a bridge to get from WA to OR) you can shop in the land of no sales tax! Isn't there a Nordstrom Rack in Gresham? I miss that store.

1hottiredmama said...

That is so awesome. I love Mac.

Regarding the housekeeper discussion -- I have a service come in once a quarter and clean from top to bottom -- literally. I have them do the ceiling fans and baseboards plus all the things I just can't get to on a regular basis. You could save a little money to have that done periodically. It's amazing how great that once-in-awhile cleaning can make you feel. And it's not as intrusive into your personal lifestyle as having someone in your home every couple of weeks.

Happy spending!

SaraJo said...

My husband hated the idea of a housekeeper, too. I'm not exactly sure what his problem was, but he was so vehement that I gave up. Weird, huh? So is your hunting season different on that side of the state? Ours ends this weekend. My husband got drawn for late season, though, so he'll get to hunt next month too. Good luck to Dave!